Office of the Valuer-General Performance


One of the roles of The Office of the Valuer-General is to continuously produce valuations that will be utilised in facilitating the rapid reform of land relations in South Africa in an orderly and predictable manner.

And in doing so the appointed authorised valuers need to provide valuations in accordance with the Property Valuation Act No 17 of 2014 which gives effect to the provisions of the Constitution that provide for Land Reform and facilitate Land Reform through the regulation of Property Valuations.

The Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALLRD) is currently the key instructing party /client, of which the OVG has worked closely with since its inception. Therefore, most of the completed valuation reports by the OVG, are as a result of the instruction received from DALRRD to value land identified for Land Reform purposes.

Summary Performance from 2018 to 2021

Summary Performance from 2018 to 2021

In the 2018/ 2019 financial year, the Office of the Valuer-General achieved performance, for the number of completed valuations, was 100% achievement – having completed 1268 Restitution valuations and 153 Land Redistribution and development valuations.

Since then in the 2020/2021 financial year the Office of the Valuer-General performance saw completion, out of the of the 100% annual target of

  • 49% of the valuations submitted by clients within the specified times;
  • 60% completion of backlog out of 100% was achieved.

And the average number of working days taken to issue a valuation certificate was 125 days, longer than the targeted 50 days. The reduction in performance was due to the increase in the number of requests received by OVG from the clients, since the 2018/ 2019 FY to date; and that the OVG at the time, did not have enough capacity to finalise the reports on time / within 50 days.

The OVG capacity issues have since been resolved therefore the 125 days to complete a valuation report will soon become a thing of the past.

We strive to achieve 100% performance in the coming years and will continue to work hard in order to assist in fast tracking Land Reform in South Africa.

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