About Office of the Valuer-General

About Office of the Valuer-General

The Office of the Valuer-General is a state entity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development established through the Property Valuation Act No. 17 of 2014 (PVA), which came into effect on 01 August 2015.  The OVG was listed by the Minister of Finance, as a Schedule 3(A) public entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act during the 2017/18 financial year.

The mandate of the OVG is to support the program of Land Reform through a provision of independent and credible property valuation services. It is envisaged that land claims will be settled with greater efficiency and decisiveness, thereby speeding up the process of Land Reform. Although the OVG works closely in co-operation with the other institutions in the Rural Development and Land Reform portfolio, it will continue to do so with a significant degree of autonomy that will add further credibility to the Land Reform process for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

Legislative and Other Mandates


To be recognised in the market as the centre of excellence and innovation in respect of all property valuation with primary focus on land reform.


  • Professionalism and accountability.
  • Respect and integrity (ethics and honesty). 
  • Courtesy and compassion. 
  • Delivery focus. 
  • People centred service standards.
  • Effective communication and transparency.
  • Efficiency .


  • Support land reform by providing impartial, efficient, just and equitable valuation services for all land-reform related matters in the country.
  • Promote accurate professional valuations by informing, communicating and monitoring adherence to the criteria and guidelines applicable to land reform valuations.
  • Enhance efficiency and accuracy of valuations through the development of innovative tools and processes, including a database of property value data accessible to the valuation profession as a whole.
  • Provide impartial, efficient, equitable and accurate general valuation services to / on behalf of government departments.

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